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Watercolour and ink dreamy landscapes - The Endless collection from 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

THE ENDLESS -2020 watercolour and ink drawing collection

THE IDEA: Inspired by the 2018 film of the same name, I called my series The Endless. Endless is a mysterious word. It feels counterintuitive because everything we know eventually ends. But it touches our imagination, leaving us with a feeling between fear and hope. Maybe there is an endless, cyclic repetition. We see it in the seasons -this renewal that seems endlessly taking place. Maybe the universe too works in cycles -as in the idea of the big bang and an expansion followed by contraction. The endless could also be an eternal process of transformation of which we are only tiny moments that pass fast.

THE DRAWINGS: The endless is the title of my new collection of drawings made with ink and pencil lines on watercolour washes. These wiggly searching lines are drawn with a quick movement that starts randomly occupying the paper and becomes more conscious and controlled as the play between lines and wash defines space and light. Leaves, flowers, blossom, trees, lakes, rivers, mountains, seem to invade the paper and go beyond its limits in an endless growth. They have this strange, dream quality that seems to refer to an illusory existence. But however illusory these visions may be, they are images that search for beauty and joy - a reference to the endless, with its implications of both fear and hope.

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