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Forests and Silhouettes -Artist's Open House - May 2024 - London SE24

Updated: May 9


The forest is the space that opens up in my mind when I draw. It’s a solitary and sacred place where I can wander, get lost, and find new paths.

It is a place where beautiful trees and all kinds of plants and flowers grow. It is also a place of dreams and stories, encounters, and discoveries, where anything can appear.


I like to draw people with little detail. I let the viewer's imagination fill them in - so much can be expressed in a simple form!


Working with ink and watercolour, I look for this see-through effect, that makes them appear like delicate, translucent, ephemeral things.


Another way in which I have explored the theme of Forests and Silhouettes is with cut-out paper, previously coloured by rubbing oil paint on it.


Working with paper is delightful; it’s like being a child again and brings me lots of joy. I work this way now and then -when I don’t want to overthink.

At this show you'll be able to see this sketchbook containing my first explorations into cutouts.


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